The only fundamental measure of 

Twitter Deep Engagement

Beyond Popularity – This is Trust, Love & Enthusiasm

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How can we possibly measure “Trust, Love & Enthusiasm” on Twitter?!?

As far as we know, cutting-edge technology (e.g. machine learning, AI) is nowhere near understanding love. Instead we applied patterns of change found in forests (as in groups of trees) believed to define forest “health.” On Twitter, “healthy” forest-like patterns of discussions were consistently described (by humans) as showing trust, love and enthusiasm.  

Analyzing deep engagement is the first step to better understand “healthy” conversation. There is no “good” or “bad” and #DeepEngagement does not target any one person or group – it is entirely based on patterns of conversation.

Our goal is to publish a limited number of #DeepEngagement reports as a public good and provide a platform to discuss insights from those who know the Tweeter’s community best (you!). The more comments and contributions, the more analyses that will be published. 

Please note: “CommunityFitness” was recently rebranded: #DeepEngagement

Recent Findings

What is Vibrant DeepEngagement 

Every community is unique – there is no single definition – but there may be common underlying factors. Here’s an example:

Football – Actual takeaways from NFL team Twitter accounts

The measure of #DeepEngagement for football (NFL) teams appear to have annual cycles. The offseason approaches “baseline” as the discussion revolves around team news and changes. Right before the season starts there can be a shift to “in transition” as anticipation grows. Winning seasons seem to create a deep appreciation for the team as the discussions become vibrant! The 2018 Super Bowl winners (@eagles) briefly touched a “revolutionary” trajectory as enthusiasm for the team exploded. Then the season abruptly ends and #DeepEngagement slowly declines back to “baseline” in the offseason.


How it works

The ability to capture attention is truly valuable – in a perfect world everything tweeted would be highly significant to everyone, but instead (thankfully, perfection is overrated) relevance, engagement, and community attentiveness are variable through time. We use this variability to calculate a metric known as #DeepEngagement. While we know “Vibrant” communities are different, we need your help to identify why.

1. Public Tweets

 Last ~3000 public tweets and engagement  retrieved from tweeter.

2. Journey Mapped

Resilience, Resistance, Robustness and capacity change identified. 

3. #DeepEngagement

The Journey is converted to a metric that ranges from Baseline to Vibrant.

4. Feedback to find actual "Health"

Finally, this metric is just a number (like blood pressure) – we need your collective insight to identify why it might be high, low, or changing!