'Disturbance: This Twitter Journey is trending toward disruption, possibly due to internal dynamics, like changing strategy or stance. It is important to note that disruption is not the opposite of revolution but rather a common co-trajectory – AKA 'disruptive innovation.' Disruption can make the associated community stronger in the longterm because it allows the remaining core community to band together.'

Experimental Analysis by ThenAtlas.org

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Beyond grabbing attention – creating a strong sense of community is truly valuable – but how can this be accomplished? Step 1, measure current community strength – this is our specialty, then Step 2, identify where it comes from – this is where we need your help. The definition of “strength” can mean trust, enthusiasm, appreciation, even love depending on the community. Only those who engage with @hulu can know what this means – you are the experts. Tweet us (@ThenAtlasOrg) what your community has or is missing with #CommunityFitness; or leave a comment below!

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Animation 1. Shows recent change in community metrics. Time goes left to right -> most recent. The CommunityFitness metric shows the level of vibrancy (thick yellow line) with shorter term fluctuations (thin yellow line).

In the animation, CommunityFitness moving up is more vibrant, down is less vibrant eventually bottoming out at: Baseline, where the community lacks observable fabric and interactions are essentially random. Below baseline, in-transition suggests community fabric is changing direction.

Fullness (thick blue line) is the active community size that can move up (larger) or down (smaller) with shorter term fluctuations (thin blue line). This metric is analogous to average rate of engagement.

Change associated with the:
Last 200 (or 50, as noted) tweets are highlighted with arrows and %change labels.

Comparison to other public figures (labels on right side of Animation 1):
A. Eric McCormack (@EricMcCormack, los ángeles) Hey, check out Will & Grace Thursdays on NBC and Travelers (season 1 & 2) streaming NOW on Netflix! Season 3 you ask…? I just directed the premiere!
B. AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) American Horror Story is a groundbreaking anthology horror drama series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk on @FXNetworks.
C. Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) https://t.co/xpTyiQavPr https://t.co/VyCXwFfLEg
D. Parks and Recreation (@parksandrecnbc, Pawnee, IN) #ParksAndRec: “When Your Here, Than Your Home”

How to increase Vibrance!?

One central theme that emerges is strong community has appreciation for those who inspire through unique value. @Kohls literally gives away $, @packers try to win, @DaliLama provides deep knowledge, @JohnMcCain shared his spirit, rest in peace. In contrast, news blasts, clickbait and repetitive messaging are associated with reduced vibrance. To figure out what makes a Twitter community vibrant:

  1. Consider the timing of highs and lows above, what changed?
  2. See how other relevant tweeters (A-D above, if available) create community.
  3. Use the Journey Mapping (below) to identify trajectories that need exploration!
  4. Ask us for further consultation admin@thenatlas.org or via the comments section (below).

Vibrant example tweets

“Order from Chaos” – Journey Mapping

Technically, building CommunityFitness requires a web of interactions covering six primary characteristics: Resistance, Resilience, Revolution, Expansion, Disruption, Contraction. Vibrance is defined as patterns of change within a community’s complex conversational journey through these characteristics. See example tweets and #hashtags as guides for what previously defined each trajectory. The same #hashtag across trajectories indicates changing value through time, or that it is used frequently.

Journey Mapping with Example Tweets & #Hashtags




plot of chunk journeytweets



Contraction trajectory not well represented
Animation 2. Through time, vibrant discussions display a continuum of characteristics: Resilient, Expansion, Revolutionary, Resistant, Contraction, Disturbance. This journey, directed by those who interact with the Tweeter, is highlighted by the purple line. The overall discussion trajectory is labeled with the central arrow. Example #hashtags and tweets associated with each trajectory are provided. Patterns of change in this journey are then translated into the CommunityFitness metric (see Animation 1 above).

How is this possible? About these analyses:

These independent analyses are an offshoot of the global 2018 Twitter Health Metric Proposal process.

The results presented herein were derived from Evidence-based Tradeoff Mapping (ETM), a holistic new framework that uses the balance of competing elements within complex systems to identify patterns of change along a continuum of possible trajectories to quantify CommunityFitness and correlated factors. The ETM framework was derived from research in forest systems (dynamics of ~1 billion trees) and the exact methodology is maintained as a trade secret. Secrecy is needed for the same reason Google’s search algorithm is secret. And like Google, validation is in the results. Let us know what is good (and bad) about these results in the comments below.

Why? From the founder:

There is no more simple yet beautifully powerful medium of global conversation than Twitter: humanity in a sentence or two, iterated a half-billion times per day. But is humanity coming closer together or splitting apart? Why? Who will win?

It is within our reach to answer very very big questions about life. We are starting at the level of a Tweeter’s community and if successful, we will be scaling up!

Please note ThenAtlas.org has no financial affiliation with Twitter Inc., we simply want to make the world a more understood place.

-TD Andrews, PhD

If these analyses have any value to you – please let us know in the comments as well as though support: ThenAtlas.org/support

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