Figure 1. A relative comparison of #CommunityFitness & (“Fullness” change)

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CommunityFitness: Beyond grabbing attention – creating a strong sense of community is truly valuable – but how can this be accomplished? Step 1, measure current community strength – this is our specialty, then Step 2, identify where it comes from – this is where we need your help. The definition of “strength” can mean trust, enthusiasm, appreciation, even love depending on the community.

Community Fitness not popularity – by simple analogy – if popularity is strength then CommunityFitness is ballroom dancing. CommunityFitness is holistic measure of a community's willingness to lend their attention, which may reflect the quality of conversation and general enthusiasm! A full description can be found at

Recent change in relative Fullness (in parentheses) reflects the changing rate of active engagement with the Tweeter, similar to number of followers.

Please note this is an experimental Analysis by
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How is this possible? About these analyses:

These independent analyses are an offshoot of the global 2018 Twitter Health Metric Proposal process. Like most rankings, this analysis represents a data-informed opinion that intends to describe the world in which we live. If we missed the mark please let us know in the comments below, otherwise consider applying your stamp of approval by sharing what you’ve learned!

The results presented herein were derived from Evidence-based Tradeoff Analysis (ETM), a holistic new framework that uses the balance of competing elements within complex systems to identify patterns of change that show resistance, resilience, resourcefulness, revolution, and disturbance to quantify CommunityFitness and correlated factors. The ETM framework was derived from research in forest systems (dynamics of ~1 billion trees) and the exact methodology is proprietary. Secrecy is needed for the same reason Google's search algorithm is secret. And like Google, validation is in the results.

Why? From the founder:

There is no more simple yet beautifully powerful medium of global conversation than Twitter: humanity in a sentence or two, iterated a half-billion times per day. But is humanity coming closer together or splitting apart? Why? Who will win?

It is within our reach to answer very very big questions about life. We are starting at the level of a Tweeter's community and if successful, we will be scaling up!

Please note has no financial affiliation with Twitter – we simply want to make the world a more understood place.

-TD Andrews, PhD

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