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Please also note: All Twitter-related analyses describe variability of the ever-changing community that engages with the Tweeter publicly during the period of analysis. The engagement of this community is augmented by many external influences, such as other Tweeters, trending hashtags, and news coverage. The analyses presented here are not directly associated with nor a reflection of the Tweeter, the Tweeter's followers, any individual or any specific group.

Finally, analyzing tweets is a common practice described here. However, if you feel we have violated ownership rights or misrepresented your associated Twitter community, please let us know immediately: admin@thenatlas.org.

The ability to capture attention is truly valuable – in a perfect world everything tweeted would be highly significant to everyone, but instead (and thankfully… perfection is overrated) relevance, engagement, and community attentiveness are variable through time. Here we use this variability to calculate a metric known as CommunityFitness. CommunityFitness can become more “Vibrant” but we don't know if this status has any value. Just like we can't say if a forest is more/less valuable than a farm without first knowing how much food we need. We do know that there is no “right” or “wrong.”

Together with your feedback we can begin to understand the values needed to build stronger communities.

Journey Mapping with Example Tweet Topics